Swim Secure


The Swim Secure Tow Woggle keeps swimmers safe and visible in water, whether that be the pool or the ocean. The bright orange colour means kids are easy to spot on the beach and in the sea.
The Woggle is attached using a waist belt and leash ensuring it doesn’t blow or drift away.
The Tow Woggle is intended for competent swimmers who are able to support themselves in the water and is not designed to be used as a buoyancy device.


The Tow Woggle is perfect for family days at the beach. The waist belt prevents the woggle blowing or drifting away, while the bright colour keeps the user visible and the tube offers support in the water.


The Tow Woggle offers many advantages over the traditional pool noodle, including efficient storage and the ability to tow it as water confidence improves. It can also be partially deflated to offer differing levels of support.


Confidence is vital in the open water, and the Tow Woggle is perfect for supporting those just starting out on their wild swimming adventure. Feel supported and visible as you learn open water techniques.